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A wide variety of unbranded material is available, designed for use for your radio station, TV network,
and/or social media with all material posted from the Eurovision venue on the day of recording.

Supplementary TV Commentary Notes
eurofile exclusive

A summary of the most interesting and revealing comments made by the artists during their rehearsals, press conferences and interviews.

Unfiltered by the artists' record companies and PR departments, we bring you the best of the quirky and fun things the artists have said at press conferences and interviews during the last few days, delivered in bite-size chunks ready to integrate into your TV commentary.

The Eurofile TV Commentary Notes are intended to supplement, not replace, your own research, and to assist you to deliver a most up-to-date, comprehensive and entertaining commentary

Unbranded Artist Interviews
eurofile exclusive

We interview all the artists asking deep and well-researched questions designed to reveal each artist's background and motives for entering Eurovision, as well as the story and message of their song.

The Audio is presented dual-channel so you can replace the voice of our interviewer with your own voice talent and branding should you wish to do so; the video only ever has the artist in shot, never our interviewer.

First Press Conference
("Meet and Greet")

We attend the longer and more detailed first press conferences of all artists, posing a well-researched question or two at each one.

The press conference is recorded using a fixed camera focused on the artist and with a clean audio feed, from which you can pull out highlights or share the entire thing.

Second Press Conference

We record the second shorter press conference of each artist with a clean audio feed

Grand Final Qualifiers'
Press Conferences

We attend the somethings chaotic and always fun press conferences of the twenty countries who qualify through Semi-Finals 1 and 2 to the Grand Final, as well as the third Press Conferences of the six countries who have qualified automatically.

The press conferences are recorded using a fixed camera focused on the artist speaking and with a clean audio feed.

Winner's Press Conference

We attend the press conference of the overall winner and always try to ask a revealing question - at previous Eurovisions, the winner's answer to our question has ended up leading BBC and SBS News

Artist Handouts

Everything the artists share with us electronically, we share with you (subject to their permission, which is almost universally given) - this can include press packs and alternate versions of their song   

Essential Information

Never be caught short again - we gather together everything you need to know on one page per artist, including their name, song title, video, website, social media feeds and even their song lyrics (translated into English if need be), with links to preview or download all the other material available for that artist

Technical Information

Video is provided for download in MP4, both HD and SD

Audio is provided in WAV and MP3

Photos are also provided where time permits

Facebook We also post the press conference videos on the eurofile Facebook page ready for immediate re-sharing under your own brand.

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